You Make it Easy

You Make It Easy by Jason Aldean Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey hero image

You Make it Easy by Jason Aldean Guitar Lesson Learn how to play You Make it Easy by Jason Aldean in this two-part guitar lesson series provided by In video #1  in this series we will review the chord patterns associated with the song. We will also have the opportunity to cover some technical […]

Jesus Etc

Jesus Etc guitar lesson with Jason Carey

Learn how to play Jesus Etc by Wilco on guitar in this two-part series. Each video below contains different material. The first video in the series contains the chord patterns you will want to learn. Learning these chord patterns before piecing the song together will make the process a little easier. In video #1 you […]

Sweet Home Alabama

sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd guitar lesson hero image jason carey

Thank you for joining us for this live-streamed Sweet Home Alabama Guitar Lesson. Let’s focus on quality guitar lessons. Learn in a well-balanced, discovery-based method which allows for learning the material you love while getting the stuff you need over time. SUBSCRIBE now and LIVESTREAM our guitar tutorials. Learn how to play Sweet Home Alabama […]

Shape of You

ed sheeran shape of you

Learn how to play Ed Sheeran Shape of You Hey there, thank you for joining us in this Ed Sheeran Shape of You guitar tutorial! It is our pleasure to inform you that this guitar line is very approachable and fun to play! Rhythmically, this song can be a little bit of a challenge at […]

Led Zeppelin The Ocean Guitar Lesson Intro Riff

the ocean guitar lesson

The Ocean Guitar Lesson The Ocean Guitar Lesson by Led Zeppelin. Learn how to play the intro riff to Led Zeppelin’s The Ocean in this classic rock guitar lesson with Jason Carey. Start your journey with a brief overview of A minor pentatonic. Then quickly move into the opening guitar riff. You will find plenty […]

Broken Halos Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson

Broken Halos Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson

Broken Halos Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson Broken Halos Chris Stapleton guitar lesson. Learn how to play Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton in this step by step easy guitar tutorial. As a songwriter, Chris delivers inspiring focus and clarity through his work. Clear and simple rhythm guitar supports the contents of Stapleton’s lyrics. It is easy to […]

AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson Intro Riff


AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson, Intro Riff AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson offered below demonstrates hard rock guitar in its classic form. From heavy-hitting power chords to chromatic single-note lines, this song has everything you will need to crank out the ROCK! In this guitar lesson we will study the intro guitar riff […]

Fire Away Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson


Fire Away Chris Stapleton Hi there and welcome to another guitar session with Jason Carey. This guitar tutorial will cover Fire Away Chris Stapleton. Fire Away Detail Let us fire up this Fire Away guitar lesson with a brief discussion. We will discuss basic strum patterns of the song beginning with a brief study of […]

Light It Up by Luke Bryan Guitar Lesson

Light it Up Luke Bryan Guitar Lesson hero image Jason Carey

Learn how to play Light it Up by Luke Bryan Light it Up by Luke Bryan begins with a light guitar sound. This is possible because full chords are not being played. Chords in this section of the song use two notes. One note outlines the root note while the other is a higher note. […]

Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whiskey Guitar Lesson

Tennessee Whiskey Guitar Lesson So, you want to learn how to play Tennessee Whiskey in the style of Chris Stapleton. Well, I guess we have something in common. Today, we are going to break down the song into a few bite-sized parts. This will be a fun little project that we can take on at […]