Fire Away Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson

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Fire Away Chris Stapleton

Hi there and welcome to another guitar session with Jason Carey. This guitar tutorial will cover Fire Away Chris Stapleton.

Fire Away Detail

Let us fire up this Fire Away guitar lesson with a brief discussion. We will discuss basic strum patterns of the song beginning with a brief study of how to count three-quarter time. The counting patterns will be simple as dictated by the needs of the song. We can define this simple strum pattern with continuous down strokes. Once we master the downstroke patterns we can move on to incorporate upstrokes. Let us practice all of the strum patterns used in this song by following the illustrations below.

Fire Away Strum Pattern, Basic Count
Downstroke strum pattern, 3/4 count
Various strum patterns, 3/4 count

Another important point of this discussion is how simplicity is employed over the course of the song. The use of simplicity allows for vocal detail to be highlighted. Most of us feel the need to just keep strumming. This habit does not allow for breath in the guitar line which can add musical clutter to a performance or recording.

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If you would like, the FREE tablature is available here: Tab page 1, Tab page 2, Tab page 3. Enjoy! And happy picking! Fire Away chords.

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