AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson Intro Riff

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson, Intro Riff

AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson offered below demonstrates hard rock guitar in its classic form. From heavy-hitting power chords to chromatic single-note lines, this song has everything you will need to crank out the ROCK!

In this guitar lesson we will study the intro guitar riff as it progresses through its cycle of power chords. At the end of each phrase we will find a single-note guitar line. The first ending features a descending run through the E minor pentatonic scale. The second ending utilizes an ascending run that chromatically approaches a goal tone.

AC/DC Back in Black Guitar Lesson

In this lesson don’t miss the details. Learn how to employ bad technique to choke unwanted string noise. You can also find the one-finger-wonder. The one-finger-wonder is a technique where one finger is laid across two or more strings to form a simple chord shape. Take it slow and steady and most importantly have fun and Happy Picking! 🎸

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