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Learn how to play Ed Sheeran Shape of You

Hey there, thank you for joining us in this Ed Sheeran Shape of You guitar tutorial! It is our pleasure to inform you that this guitar line is very approachable and fun to play! Rhythmically, this song can be a little bit of a challenge at first but you can do it. The reason I say this is because we are actually playing two separate voices, or guitar lines, at the same time! Wow! Actually, it’s not as difficult as it sounds – so long as we take it slowly and stick with it. Subscribe and Play Guitar with Jason Carey on YouTube.

We will learn to play this song in standard tuning. The song uses the first position on the guitar, open strings included. I guess we could call this open position 😀. There may be other ways to arrange this guitar part but this arrangement is nice because it encourages the use of open strings. Letting the notes ring coupled with open string use gives the arrangement a beautiful feel. Singing over this accompaniment pattern should be a joyful experience! Let’s get started. But first, you may want to download the tablature for this song. You can use it to enhance your practice experience.

Well, how did it go? Remember that learning new songs requires practice. I’ve tried everything but have never found a substitute for just sitting down and practicing the guitar. If you have questions about Ed Sheeran Shape of You contact us here. We sure do hope you are having fun.

Ed Sheeran Shape of You Guitar Lesson

click now to buy luna guitars ukulele at Guitar CenterHere’s a little history of this chart-topping English musician from England. His first album + (Plus) won him critical acclaim in both the U.K. and the United States. Attending the Academy of Contemporary Music suited him well. Performing with Elton John would certainly generate a buzz around anyone’s music career – but Mr. Sheeran has talent which got him in the door. The “order of operations” is a bit out of sync when aligned with Sheeran’s album titles. Wonder which one will be released next? Anyway, enjoy this Ed Sheeran Shape of You guitar lesson from his album ➗ (Divide).

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