Led Zeppelin The Ocean Guitar Lesson Intro Riff

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

The Ocean Guitar Lesson

The Ocean Guitar Lesson by Led Zeppelin. Learn how to play the intro riff to Led Zeppelin’s The Ocean in this classic rock guitar lesson with Jason Carey. Start your journey with a brief overview of A minor pentatonic. Then quickly move into the opening guitar riff. You will find plenty of detail to study as you work your way through the lesson. Be sure to leave time for guitar practice over the week 🎸. Contact us directly for assistance with the development of a solid, successful, and fun practice routine. We’ve done four already but now we’re steady and then they went 1, 2, 3, 4…

In the meantime, The Ocean by Led Zeppelin is a great way to keep the fire stoked. You’ll love the meatiness of the hammer-ons from the flatted 7th to the root note at the beginning of the riff. The hammer-ons set up a powerful approach to the root note – or tonic. Descending the C Major Triad comes next. Then, a pause before the turnaround. The turnaround consists of an approach the the flatted 7th via the fourth and fifth of the A minor pentatonic scale and then again to the root note. Dropping down to the 3rd, C sharp, comes next. This movement anticipates the movement up to the root note again in the oddball measure of 3/4 time at the end of the 4 bar phrase. The intro riff is a 4 bar phrase beginning with 3 bars of 4 and ending with one bar of 3.

The Ocean Guitar Lesson Zep

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