Broken Halos Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

Broken Halos Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson

Broken Halos Chris Stapleton guitar lesson. Learn how to play Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton in this step by step easy guitar tutorial. As a songwriter, Chris delivers inspiring focus and clarity through his work.¬†Clear and simple rhythm guitar supports the contents of Stapleton’s lyrics. It is easy to decipher the message of a song when the guitar parts are not getting in the way. When delivering a song like this the performer can feel naked. It’s okay to add more rhythmic interest when performing solo but just be careful not to overplay – as this can lead to the erosion of strength in the vocal line. There is a fine balance between overplaying and enthusiastically supporting a vocalist. Whether accompanying someone else’s voice or your own, as a guitar accompanist, you’ll have to make some of these tough decisions. Most of the time your decision will be made based on your own experience and taste – and that is okay. This is a helpful hint to remember: if it sounds good, it is good.

Broken Halos Chris Stapleton Guitar Lesson

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You’ll need a capo to play this song. To accurately play this song we will capo on fret one of your guitar. Absolutely any capo will work. The black Paige capo listed below is the one used in the making of the Broken Halos video found on this page.

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