Chris Stapleton National Anthem Guitar Lesson

Chris Stapleton National Anthem Guitar Lesson

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll teach you how to play Chris Stapleton’s rendition of the National Anthem on guitar. Perfect for beginners and experienced players alike, this tutorial covers all the basics so you can master the song in no time.


Girl by Maren Morris Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey hero image

Girl by Maren Morris, an instrumental piece of guitar music, is a fantastic way to approach the relationships between harmony or rhythmic guitar playing and pentatonic single-note melody. Watch the lesson below. Harmony & Melody This pentatonic, or music developed in the style of five tones, relationship between harmony and melody make Girl a wonderful option […]

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Knocking On Heaven's Door Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey Hero Image

First, I would personally like to say thank you for watching this Knocking On Heaven’s Door video content on our guitar lessons channel here on YouTube. We focus on making relevant, inspiring, thoughtful, and FREE guitar lesson videos available for you via this channel while hoping to inspire some of you to continue your journey […]


Trouble by Ray LaMontagne Guitar Lesson Hero Image Web

Learn how to play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne in this two-part guitar lesson series. In the first video you will find a thorough chord study. The second video will offer some technical information and help you put it all together. Learning chord patterns prior to putting the song together can make the process much more […]

You Make it Easy

You Make It Easy by Jason Aldean Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey hero image

You Make it Easy by Jason Aldean Guitar Lesson Learn how to play You Make it Easy by Jason Aldean in this two-part guitar lesson series provided by In video #1  in this series we will review the chord patterns associated with the song. We will also have the opportunity to cover some technical […]

Jesus Etc

Jesus Etc guitar lesson with Jason Carey

Learn how to play Jesus Etc by Wilco on guitar in this two-part series. Each video below contains different material. The first video in the series contains the chord patterns you will want to learn. Learning these chord patterns before piecing the song together will make the process a little easier. In video #1 you […]

Sweet Home Alabama

sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd guitar lesson hero image jason carey

Thank you for joining us for this live-streamed Sweet Home Alabama Guitar Lesson. Let’s focus on quality guitar lessons. Learn in a well-balanced, discovery-based method which allows for learning the material you love while getting the stuff you need over time. SUBSCRIBE now and LIVESTREAM our guitar tutorials. Learn how to play Sweet Home Alabama […]

Shape of You

ed sheeran shape of you

Learn how to play Ed Sheeran Shape of You Hey there, thank you for joining us in this Ed Sheeran Shape of You guitar tutorial! It is our pleasure to inform you that this guitar line is very approachable and fun to play! Rhythmically, this song can be a little bit of a challenge at […]

Learn How to Play the Blues in A


Learn How to Play the Blues in A Learn how to play the blues in A with Jason Carey. Are you beginning to improvise on your guitar? If guitar-playing friends are asking to join them in a jam you’ll want to feel comfortable. This is the blues guitar tutorial is definitely for you! The video […]

Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson


Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson Welcome to the Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson by Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler, guitarist, put together this monumental guitar line which opens the song. As the keyboard and drums build we notice a guitar emerge with a triumphant tone. The favorable sound is sculpted with a filter making the distortion […]