Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson

Welcome to the Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson by Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler, guitarist, put together this monumental guitar line which opens the song. As the keyboard and drums build we notice a guitar emerge with a triumphant tone. The favorable sound is sculpted with a filter making the distortion smooth yet edgy. Although we study this song here on acoustic guitar, the technique is easily transferred. Please enjoy the guitar lesson below.

Well then, how did it turn out for you? Hopefully you made it through the entire guitar tutorial. When learning a new song, Mark Knopfler once said something like this, “Every time I learn a new chord, I write a new song with it. When the song is finished I know the new chord with a comfortable familiarity.” Learning new songs can sometimes be a little challenging. But with a little tenacity the song will yield and become yours.

Money for Nothing Guitar Lesson

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