Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

First, I would personally like to say thank you for watching this Knocking On Heaven’s Door video content on our guitar lessons channel here on YouTube. We focus on making relevant, inspiring, thoughtful, and FREE guitar lesson videos available for you via this channel while hoping to inspire some of you to continue your journey toward finding your own musical voice without influence from the popular music market.

In my deepest thoughts: learning and mastering the guitar is equivalent to extending our language capabilities. To further learn about self and being connected to God and then teach others the good news fostering goodwill.

The real news:

Mastery requires time – there is no magic potion. Those who would say you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the guitar in 3 EASY PAYMENTS of $19.95 have some more thinking to do. Maybe some of us are just happy with clickbait and cheesy marketing platforms. Emptiness — more clickbait — momentary gratification — emptiness — etc…

Practice. And if we want to play perfectly, we will learn to practice perfectly. This takes time. This is time well spent. The time spent is the reward. Sometimes this is hard to remember.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door (KOHD), written by the artist formerly known as Bob Dylan, is a song most of us learned in our early stages of guitarring – maybe in a middle school band or in the filthy and unimpressive basement of a music store while getting the guitar lessons your parents paid good money for…

Talking with another student/friend of mine the other night, we thought about how good listeners can tell which songs a performer has been playing for a long time. While there are only 3 or 4 different chords in this seemingly unimpressive song (KOHD), it does leave us plenty of room to employ years of experience for the purpose of improvisation, rather, the act of making the song our own. I have come to the preliminary conclusion this is an important factor in the song’s fame.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the thought behind this particular guitar session. As we grow, we pass from novice to expert, and if we stick with it, we rise into some other form of being, maybe guitar player is not the term I am looking for anymore.

Anyway, this guitar lesson presents some of my favorite chordal, harmonic and melodic tools developed over the years in my own guitar practice. I hope you enjoy and I invite you to stick around to the end of this Knocking On Heavens Door guitar lesson where I model a composite synthesis of all tools discussed herein.

Happy Picking!
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