Learn How to Play the Blues in A


Learn How to Play the Blues in A Learn how to play the blues in A with Jason Carey. Are you beginning to improvise on your guitar? If guitar-playing friends are asking to join them in a jam you’ll want to feel comfortable. This is the blues guitar tutorial is definitely for you! The video […]

A minor pentatonic two positions

jason carey teaches a minor pentatonic scale

The A minor pentatonic scale covered in this lesson is first taught in the fifth position and then again starting in the third position with a few position shifts that will get you to the upper end of the scale which ends in the eigth position. At the end of this video you should be […]

Walking Blues Slide Guitar Lesson


Hey there and welcome to the Walking Blues Slide Guitar Lesson here at EverGreen Guitar! As the lyrics written by Son House are historically interesting enough to follow, the lyrics are a little outside the scope of this session. Most of what you’ll find in this video is based on basic slide guitar method. If […]

Take Guitar Lessons Earn FREE Guitar Strings

Sign up, as a new student,* for guitar lessons and earn a pack of FREE guitar strings! Belgrade Lakes, Maine (ME) Before you sign up, there are a couple things to do in order to make your learning experience more effective. Think about what it is that you would like to do. It helps to […]

Picking Hand Begins with Simple Techniques

Pick Hand Featured Image

Guitar Lessons Cyclical Sequencing As we progress through life we have opportunities to revisit prior learning experiences. We take one step deeper upon each visit. The picking hand is certainly no different. Imagine if we were to fully examine the picking hand at our level of entry on the guitar. Focus on detail. Carefully study […]