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Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

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Before you sign up, there are a couple things to do in order to make your learning experience more effective. Think about what it is that you would like to do. It helps to ask yourself why you want to make this kind of investing in yourself. Develop a few goals. They could look something like this:

3 Month Plan ( pick 3 goals )

  • what do you want to have accomplished 3 months after you begin your private instruction?
  • will you still be playing the guitar?
  • will you still have the same guitar?

5 Year Plan ( pick 3 goals )

  • this is pretty similar to the 3 month plan but there are quite a few more things going on.
  • still playing the guitar?
  • considering music school?
  • have you had any performances?
  • are you in a band, ensemble, or do you perform solo?
  • do you know major and minor chord/scale harmonies in complete patterns on your guitar?

Contact us if you have further questions. Typically, as students, we expect to allocate a minimum of 5 minutes a day for a minimum of 5 days a week. This helps us to be more prepared for each session and will expidite the learning experience.

Taking on the guitar as a project can be overwhelming in the early stages so we like to take it easy and be sure to deliver as many subtleties as possible. Think of it as an athlete conditioning for an expedition. See you soon!

*new students sign up for 4 pre-paid half hour lessons. offer expires June 1, 2013.

sign up for guitar lessons now with EverGreen Guitar

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