Picking Hand Begins with Simple Techniques

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As we progress through life we have opportunities to revisit prior learning experiences. We take one step deeper upon each visit. The picking hand is certainly no different.

Imagine if we were to fully examine the picking hand at our level of entry on the guitar. Focus on detail. Carefully study each type of stroke, downstroke ( downstroke ) and upstroke ( upstroke ) until they are permanent memories. Techniques that flow like the words you utter.

Picking hand: Starting points

First finger Y Picking HandWe’ll start with the “Y” or proximal interphalangeal of your picking hand’s first finger as the substrate for solid plectrum relations. In other words, the letter “Y” that is formed, as we bend the first finger of our picking hand, will be our starting point. View figure 1.

Once bent, you’ll get the pick on there. The index finger and thumb secure the pick in a gentle but firm grip. The about picking up a coffee cup. The heavier it is, the more you squeeze. For now, we’ll go ahead and practice teeter-tottering the pick over the index finger. With the pick between index and thumb, the tip of the thumb can push forward to give the pick a positive angle that leans forward. Retract the thumb a bit and the pick should come back to a slightly negative angle.

This is just a little exercize to help the pick increase its freedom and mobility in the picking hand.

Follow these steps for pick hand success!

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