Led Zeppelin The Ocean Guitar Lesson Intro Riff

the ocean guitar lesson

The Ocean Guitar Lesson The Ocean Guitar Lesson by Led Zeppelin. Learn how to play the intro riff to Led Zeppelin’s The Ocean in this classic rock guitar lesson with Jason Carey. Start your journey with a brief overview of A minor pentatonic. Then quickly move into the opening guitar riff. You will find plenty […]

Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me FREE Guitar Lesson

Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me

Learn how to play Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me. Let’s explore the still fresh and unique acoustic guitar lines of Dave Matthews in this video guitar lesson. In many situations like in the song Every Breath You Take by Sting, the songwriter stacks perfect fifths one on top of the other creating a nice […]

Old Joe Clark Guitar Lesson

Old Joe Clark Guitar Lesson

by Jason Carey Old Joe Clark guitar lesson. Old Joe Clark is an American folk song and a large part of our musical heritage. The song has been played for many decades and continues to be fun and easy to approach which lends itself well to your own personal interpretation. The melody supplied below is […]