Salt Creek Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

by Jason Carey

Salt Creek was brought back to life by Bill Monroe and his bluegrass boys in the mid 1960’s. The following collection is a six part video series. The series details the overall song form and main melody of Salt Creek. Please enjoy this Salt Creek Guitar Lesson series by Jason Carey.

Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys recorded Salt Creek, originally known as Salt River, in 1964 with Decca Records. The song has a rich history. Over the years it has passed under the fingers of many aspiring musicians. Most of these musicians are interested in the development of an old time or bluegrass repertoire.

Salt Creek: Tony Rice’s approach

We study Tony Rice’s approach in this six part video lesson series. In Tony’s arrangement we can expect to hear some excitingly wide intervalic leaps contrasted by some very close-knit half step movement. This half step movement will typically occur between the second and flatted third degrees of the Major Scale. The G Major scale is used in the construction of the song’s main melody.

Please enjoy the six Salt Creek guitar lesson videos below

Video Session #1 provides us with an overview of the main melody as interpreted by Tony Rice.

Video session #2 explores Salt Creek’s introduction as arranged by Tony Rice. Practice and repeat slowly with confidence.

Video session #3 Salt Creek as arranged by Tony Rice.

Video session #4 of Salt Creek as arranged by Tony Rice.

Video session #5 of Salt Creek as arranged by Tony Rice.

Video session #6 covers the closing elements of the tune.

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