Guitar lessons are only the beginning! Do you want to play at a bar or theater, perform an intimate solo concert, or rock your way to the end of a crazy gig?

EverGreen Guitar can help you reach your goals! We offer lessons in the follow areas:

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Blues Guitar as a Starting Point

We offer many different style options for guitar study! Some of these styles are a more approachable than others. For example many students choose to start with a few blues guitar lessons. Blues is a great place to start. You can use many simple shapes to form chords. These chords can be immediately applied to the blues form.

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The blues form has proven to be a great asset when it comes to learning the guitar. 12 bars of music are easy to count and memorize. Once comfortable with playing a few chords, it’s time to explore some melody. We’ve all been conditioned to the blues form even though we may not realize it. Most modern country, pop, and rap have deep blues roots. The previous genres are so readily available that they have left a sonic imprint on our tonal memories. Thank you radio and YouTube!