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Learn how to play Chris Stapleton Parachute

Chris Stapleton Parachute. Learn how to play Chris Stapleton Parachute by American singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton in this easy video guitar tutorial. Chris has written several number one country songs for other major country recording artists. Prior to producing his first solo album, you could hear Chris Stapleton as the frontman for the Steeldrivers bluegrass band. You can visit the Steeldrivers here too.

After the first video guitar tutorial was released we had a few requests to break down the introduction of the song in more detail. In an effort to provide a more in-depth approach to the introduction we have added the bonus video below.

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Parachute by Chris Stapleton Intro Guitar Riff

BONUS! Video Guitar Lesson

Transcript from the first video:

Welcome to today’s session. We are going to cover Chris Stapleton Parachute and it’s got this really cool right hand pattern. The chord sequence is in E minor and we’ll get to the melody later on. I’ve got an E minor chord which is a very simple chord. Open low E string, fret two on the A, fret two on the D, open G, open B, open E. So we’ve got fingers one and two doing their work because we’ll need to have a finger three on fret number three on the B string.

We’ve got this nice down, down, up, down, up, down, down [down down up down up down down, down down up down up down down]. So right now we’re talking about the sixteenth note grid. One e and ah two e and ah three e and ah four e and ah. If you can do that you can do anything. Ready? One e and ah two e and ah three e and ah four e and ah One e and ah two e and ah three e and ah four e and ah. So practice that right hand pattern quite a bit. Once you get that just really practice it slowly. I’m talking like as slowly as you need to make it go in order to get it to go. Okay if you have questions about that just comment in the section below.

We have the E minor chord and we have G5 and you know maybe we’ll throw that 2nd fret in there on the A string. So we’ve got fret 3 and a low E string with finger two, fret two on the A string, open G, open D, fret number 3 on the B string. And then, D5, open D, fret two on the G and fret 3 of the B. So far we have an E minor then we have G5 and then D5 and then C add 9.

Also, we’ve got this third fret on the A, fret number two on the D, open G and fret number 3 on the B. Really nice quality chord right there. So E minor.

Chris Stapleton Parachute Melody

Now we’re moving into the melody which opens the tune. Alright, so the melody is actually starting with that E minor pentatonic shape that we all know and love so well. So we’ve got this slide into fret 3 then on fret 4 on the G string. We’re setting up that little house pattern, that little minor pentatonic shape – a couple of walls here with a little triangle shape on the top. It’s a really fun little shape, so we got this hammer on the fret number 5, that slide into fret four, then you can slur into fret number 3 in the high E string. Then, a little vibrato there, and then hammer onto fret number 2, then that slide into fret 4, and that pulled back to fret number 2. Then you can pull off to open G if you wanted to, and then play fret 2 on the D string.

That finishes up the first end of the phrase. The second phrase is almost identical except for the end where we change the rhythm here a little bit and then add 2 hammer-ons on the last E note we’re approaching from the open D and then hammering twice – really quick hammer-ons. Have fun with that. Chris Stapleton Parachute. If you like this lesson today, subscribe, it really helps us out. Tell your friends, don’t be shy. See you again soon.

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