AC/DC For Those About to Rock Guitar Lesson Intro Riff

Guitar Lesson with Jason Carey

For Those About to Rock Guitar Lesson

For Those About to Rock Guitar Lesson has been made available through You’ll be happy to know this lesson unlocks the secrets of the intro guitar riff! This powerhouse song features a light guitar introduction on the 11th position of the guitar’s top two strings. The end of the song brings down the house and literally finishes with a bang as the listener hears the sound of canons firing. Just try and imagine the explosive power of the guitar while witnessing this song live at an AC/DC concert.

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For Those About to Rock Guitar Lesson

Angus Young, AC/DC’s only remaining founding member, has a rich history with rock and roll guitar. In his late teens, Angus and his brother Malcom formed the band AC/DC. Angus would play lead guitar and his brother Malcom would play rhythm. It was 1973 and the solid sound of two guitars struck the perfect recipe for that hard rock sound. AC/DC hit several hard rock milestones. One of these milestones included the release of a second best-selling album around the world. When Back in Black was released, it went 22 times multi-platinum in the U.S. While Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the highest-selling album in the world, AC/DC’s Back in Black was raging close behind.

We hope you enjoyed this hard rock guitar session and look forward to seeing you again in our other guitar sessions. For those about to rock we salute you.

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