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Jesus Etc Wilco Guitar Lesson

Jesus Etc by Wilco Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play Jesus Etc on guitar in this two-part series. Each video below contains different material. The first video in the series contains the chord patterns you will want to learn. Learning these chord patterns before piecing the song together will make the process a little easier. In video #1 you will learn 8 chords appearing in the song. Tablature for the two sessions is available here: Jesus, Etc. by Wilco Tablature Sheet. Video #2 contains the chord sequence and the strum patterns you will need while piecing the song together.

We usually recommend a nice finger warm up as a way of maximizing practice time. You will find that a metronome can be very useful! Remember to start at a slow tempo and gradually build over time. You be able to develop any guitar skill when using this process.

This type of pendulum metronome is an awesome tool to have in your practice space:

We have been using this type of quartz/digital metronome for years. This metronome can be laid sideways, upside down, and position in any manner of way while still maintaining perfect time. The pendulum type is great but does need to be level/plumb to create an accurate time continuum.

#1 of 2 in series, Jesus Etc Guitar Lesson

#2 of 2 in series, Jesus, Etc. Guitar Lesson

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