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How to play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne

How to play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne

Learn how to play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne in this two-part guitar lesson series. In the first video you will find a thorough chord study. The second video will offer some technical information and help you put it all together. Learning chord patterns prior to putting the song together can make the process much more enjoyable and less frustrating. Just remember to breathe in and out while practicing and take plenty of breaks. We recommend while building a healthy practice routine that stretching and breathing are frequently overlooked. Some guitar players have 5 minutes a day to work with and that’s great! I try to remember that five minutes will get me sitting down with the guitar. Once I am sitting down with the guitar I enjoy it so much that I usually practice for at least a half hour – sometimes more! The trick is to establish a pattern of playing the guitar. Here’s a great mantra to carry around: Play Guitar Now! Play Guitar Now! Play Guitar Now!

Oh yes! You will definitely want to download the sheet music for this guitar tutorial. This will be a great visual tool while working your way through the video sessions below. DOWNLOAD TROUBLE BINDER

Let’s dig into the first video in the sequence. Careful attention should be given to choking out unwanted strings. This choke technique will help to “clean up” larger chord patterns. Muting selected strings generates space within chord voicings thereby leaving more territory for vocal expression and exploration.

How to play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne #1

How to play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne #2

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